Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NEW Stampin' Up! Wood Mount Cases

I usually only order my stamps in clear mount because of storage and I love the way they look uniform and neat.  Well now I can get that same look with the new Stampin' Up! Wood Mount Cases.  I love that they stand up nice and I even downloaded the label for the wood stamp set, added the stamp set image and now they look great next to my clear mount cases.  They look so neat and clean that now I want to redo all my wood mount cases!



  1. How did you add the stamp set image?

  2. Hi Angela,
    I basically googled the stamp set "lovely as a tree" and found the image under "images" and copied and pasted it on the template.
    Hope that helps.


  3. Hello Mena,
    Love Love Love your blog, just found you and am looking st your older posts now. Two questions for you, first, what are and where did you get the clear containers that your clear mounts are stored it? Second, what is this "template" that you speak of and can any one access/download it? I'm in the middle of converting my wood mounts to clear and would love to have case covers for them.
    Thank you in advance for your time.
    Your new fan,

  4. Hi,
    The clear cases that hold my clear mounts is a DVD case I got from the container store. You can find them on-line.. they come in different size storage spaces.
    The template is a template for the new clear wood boxes that stampin' up sell. If you send me your e-mail I can send you a PDF file.

  5. FYI.. I reposted and added a link to the template. Hope that helps

  6. Is there anyway you would be willing to send me the file for the template? I've been looking all over and have had no luck. Thanks a bunch.


  7. I would be interested in the template as well if you wouldn't mind. My email is I would appreciate it!! Thank you.