Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Greeting Card Organizer

This is how I organize my greeting cards.  I have tons of cards on display in my craft room, but these are different.  These are the card I to send to people.  Every time I do a class or join a swap I always seem to have an extra cards leftover so I put it in my card organizer.  Now when I need a card for a birthday, anniversary or sympathy, I go right to my card file.

I have the box organized by categories to make it easier.... Female, Male, Mother, Anniversary, etc.  I also have a section in the back called "Pieces".  This is where I store extra pieces from cards I made.  Let's say you need an anniversary card but don't see one you like.. I can go into my pieces file and find a flower left over from a swap.  I layer it, put it on card stock, add greeting and WALLA! an Anniversary card.

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