Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Craft Room Organization: Pool Party

In a previous post, I showed a new way I was organizing my clear blocks.  I love the idea of putting them all in a small desk organizer, but it always bothered me that it only came in black wire mesh.  So this weekend I decided to alter it.  I used Martha Stewart file folders I purchased at Staples and I covered the base to make it look nicer.  These folders already match my craft room.  It reminds me of Pool Party... which I love.

Then I couldn't stop at the organizer and I altered more stuff on my craft table.  My double-side tape dispenser, my little grab tray where I keep the things I need quickly on my desk (scissors, dimensionals, adhesive) and I also altered the jar I use as my garbage bin for small scraps.  I went a little crazy with the folders... but I love it.

I already had the in and out boxes from Martha Stewart so now everything matches beautifully.  If only I could keep the top of my desk this clean all the time.  Now that's a challenge!

Hope this inspires you!

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  1. This is great! I am in the process of doing some major organizing myself! lol